RDP Protocol Error - Suspect Colours



We're having problems with RDP protocol errors when viewing Word
documents featuring our corporate logo. I believe the offending part of
the logo is coloured w. RGB 00 33 33 or 66 66 33. Anyhow the error
message is the ever useful "A protocol error has occured, and this
remote session has been disconnected". No error code provided. Are
there any Windows logging levels that could be activated here to give a
better idea of what's going on?

I've tried playing w. colour depth settings server side, encryption
levels & client side resolution mostly w.o. luck. Reducing client
resolution to paltry 640x480 allows the user to get back in again, to
close the file, but else is pretty much an unworkable solution.

My options as I can see them are:

1. Solve the RDP error
2. Change the template, although all existing documents will still
disconnect users
3. Try another RDP client for Windows.

Any help or advice much appreciated.

Ivan Brugiolo [MSFT]

Would it be possible to have the Word document/template in question,
the operative system version of the server, the client platform,
and the color-depth of the session where this problem happens ?

For the Word document, you can send it at my replay-to address minus the
`online.` part.



Did you ever get to the bottom of this? - I've a site with similar problems
and have reduced colour contents of desktop etc but still have problems (its
not just word either)


Benny Tritsch [MVP]

I was also seeing similar behaviour a while ago. I this case, part of the
logo was outside the paper margin of the document. In order to find a
solution play around with the logo position in the template until you find a
setting which does not crash the RDP connection. Then just tell us if this
approach helps.


Ivan Brugiolo [MSFT]

The problem reported below was traced down to
an encoding error for a font used in the document.
If the size of the font is greater than 127, and a specific
glyph caching schema is in use,
the server will send a packet that the client cannot recognize.
You can open an incident support fot this.

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