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Hi all!

I'm looking for a good rating control with the following features:
1. 5 Star
2. Supports some type of tracking to only allow one vote per day per person.
3. Displays half stars
4. Displays actual number such as 4.3

I'm currently using the Rating control from the AJAX toolkit but it doesn't
support all features. I've made a number of changes to it now to get it to
mostly work but I would rather a control that supports everything I need.

Any suggestions?



Well I await for any suggestions on a different control I'm continuing to
alter the AJAX Rating control.

The problem I have now is that I cannot seem to get a result sent back to
the client. I tried checking the _result member in the .js file but it's
always empty.

Is this the correct field or should I be checking something else?


Steven Cheng

Hi Joe,

For Rating control, you can try searching the ASP.NET , rating or voting
control keywords over web and I think there should exists many 3rd party or
commercial ones.

Also, for ASP.NET ajax control, I sugget you use the "web developmenet
helper" which can help you trace the http ajax request/response content:

#Web Development Helper

Best regards,

Steven Cheng
Microsoft MSDN Online Support Lead

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