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Apr 26, 2012
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I am novice in programming. I linked my Access 2003 database to Visual basic 6.0 with ADO Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLEDB Provider, using the connection string. The VB has multiple Forms which are linked to different tables. In the qryEngMarks table, I used the DCount Function which I got from the internet to rank Students marks which was successful. But when I try to bind the textboxes on the VB Form to their respective Fields in the qryEngMarks table, I get the error message Undefined Function ‘DCount’ in expression. The following is the Expression I entered in the Field section of the qryEngMarks table in design view to generate the ranks.
Rank: DCount("*","qryEngMarks ","[EngTotal]>" & [EngTotal])+1
The qryEngMarks table has the following fields: StudentID, FirstName, LastName, EngClassScore, EngExamScore, EngTotal, EngRank. Please help me out. Many Thanks.
Is there an alternative method that can rank marks as below?
Marks Rank
88 1
80 2
78 3
78 3
75 5
72 6
70 7
70 7
70 7
68 10
I would be very glad for an alternative solution. Thank you.


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