Ranking Q


Alan Bong


For example : My co (ie. restaurant) is doing a customers survey
regarding preference choice of dishes provided by us. We need to know
customers' preference choice of dishes in ranking. Ranking from 1 (the
most they like) to 3 (least)

Example 1 :
Each of the customer can only choose three dishes they like the most
in this restaurant.
Ranking from 1 (the most they like) to 3 (least)

Pls advise how to do the ranking based on this info :-

Dish:Seafood Dish:Beancurd Dish:Dessert Dish:Special Drinks
Customer 1 3 2 1
Customer 2 1 3 2
Customer 3 1 2 3
Customer 4 1 2 3
Customer 5 3 2 1

Outcome : Ranking
Dish : Seafood ?
Dish : Beancurd ?
Dish : Dessert ?
Dish : Special Drinks ?
Dish : Veg ?




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