range names



Hi everyone
Suppose this example:
a1;a2;A3 equals 5, 7, 9
b1;b2;b3 equals 2, 3,8
Name range for first range abc
Name range for second range def
There's a formula on cell c1 : Sum(abc)
What i would like is : on cell d1, i input abc or def or another range name
and on cell c1, without any macro but a formula, it sums what i input on cell
d1, abc or def.
Can you help me please?
Tks in advance

Dave Peterson

Anonymous's suggestion worked ok for me.

What did you have in D1?

What were in the cells in that range named in D1?

What happened when you tried it--a few more details may help get to the root of
the problem.

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