Radeon X300 Dual Monitor Trouble



I cannot get the secondary display on my PCI Express Radeon X300 to
detect my second monitor. I am using a Samsung SyncMaster 710N on VGA
for the primary display and am attempting to use a Dell Ultrasharp
FP2005 as my secondary display through DVI. When I have only the
Samsung connected it works. When I have only the Dell connected it
works. When I have both connected, the Samsung works but the Dell will
not. When I choose "Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor" it
simply unchecks it and does not enable the display. I have tried
booting up with the Dell only connected and connecting the Samsung
after bootup, but the same thing happens when I try to enable the
secondary monitor. I have also tried uninstalling the Catalyst 6.3
drivers with ATI's uninstall application, rebooting, and reinstalling
them. I have also made sure my motherboard chipset drivers are the
latest version. (My motherboard does not have onboard video.) The
Catalyst Control Center only detects 1 display as well. What am I
missing / doing wrong?


Hi I have the same problem with my ati X300, I've also tried everything
and got tiered... if you find a solution let me know...

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