RADEON 9800 Pro "Displays" Tab Shows No Display



With the latest Catalyst drivers, I have a system with a RADEON 9800 Pro
where on the "Displays" tab all of the monitors are showing as disconnected.
What causes that to happen? The primary monitor is connected and works
fine up to 2048x1536.

As a result of having no monitor connected on the Displays tab, I cannot
adjust the video driver to understand that the Display is capable of the
full resolution of the video card. The ATI driver under Windows 2000 is
set for 1920x1440, but the Displays tab is set at 1600x1200. The result is
that the ATI driver is mapping 1920x1440 to a 1600x1200 display, and I have
to move the larger desktop around inside the 1600x1200 window by dragging
it. The same monitor connected to another machine has no problems at
1920x1440 and 2048x1536. On that machine the Displays tab shows up fine
and after installing Catalyst I correct the behavior I am describing by
adjusting the properties of the Display.

How can I force the driver to give the Display a resolution at least as good
as the current desktop setting?

First of One

In the "Settings" tab, is your monitor recognized by brand name and model
number? If not, install the monitor INF file, supplied by the monitor


It's just the generic "Plug and Play Monitor" in Windows 2000 Device
Manager. But that same model works fine with other computers that run
RADEON here. Catalyst immediately shows a displays entry for one monitor
for that case. On the defect machine Catalyst is acting as if there is
literally NO monitor installed at all.

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