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I have just discovered MS Word's Quote field. Am I missing something, or is
this the most pointless feature ever created? According to the Word help
files, it simply inserts the literal text inside the field.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that something that can be done pretty
easily without using a field?



Greg Maxey


It might appear pointless at first, but actually it is quite useful.

1. You can use it to display litteral text nested in a field with other
field code:

{ QUOTE (C) { SEQ C \r { PAGE } \h }}

here the field displays (C), but also resets a seqeunce number to the
current page number. The sequence number is not displayed because of the \h


{QUOTE{SET m"{=MOD({DATE \@ "MM"}-2,12)+1}/00"}{m \@ "MMMM"}}

Which returns only the bookmark "m" text or the previous month

2. You can use it for inserting speech marks ("some text") in IF fields:

{ IF "a"="b"{ Quote 34 True 34 }{ Quote "This is a " 34 false 34 "
statement" }}

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