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JP Martinez

I have a database with my credit cards, loans and utility bills. Each bill's
information is set up with a form and all payments I make to this bill are
entered in a subform on the bottom.

I have this button on my startup form that opens a form listing all bills
and their credit avail., balance, minimun payment,toll free number,etc. sort
of like a report---I would like to include a small button on the very left
of each account being listed in this form to bring up the actual form
corresponding for each credit card, loan,etc for editing if needed.

What would be the best way to do this? I thought there'd be a way by doing
something like form!(formname."visa")
or similar-

Any ideas


JP Martinez

I think I am getting close as I created a button and used the do.cmd - but I
can only specify a certain record - how do I make it open the current record
where I am hitting the command button from ?

Any ideas



Make sure the wizard in your toolbox is turned on.
When you put a button on your form, you can chose Form Operations - Open
Choose the form you want to open.
You'll then be offered the option of displaying only a particular record,
and walked through selecting which one.

- Turtle

JP Martinez

As I said I am getting close. This is what I have for the code but it only
opens the record I specify -I need to figure out how to open the current
record I am clicking the command button on.

Private Sub Command34_Click()
Rem DoCmd.OpenForm "credit cards", , , "[name] = 'Amex Blue'"
End Sub

JP Martinez

Oh man -you are the best -you were right -I recreatd the command button and
the wizard took me through it and now it open the current record.

thanks a lot


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