Questions about reducing XPE size



My XPE uses minlogon, custom shell, network, NTFS, EWF (ram),
flashdisk with a 60 Mbyte write protected partition for XPE.
The size is something like 55 Mbyte. I want a smaller size.

One idea to reduce the size is to look at 'last access date'
on all files after I have run all my applications a couple
of days. Then remove these files to make room for more
applications. (added afterwards). Lots of files (40-50%) has the
'last access date' = installation date. The odd thing is that
several of these are currently beeing used e.g. drivers that
are started at boot. (E.g disk.sys). It seems to me that
sometimes XPE does not set the 'last access date'.
I am also afraid that XPE checks that the files are there without
accessing them, and does some action depending of the result.

My question is: Can I use this method or has it some dangerous
side effects. (= effects that are hard to discover).

Next question:
Directory Windows\Security contains several files.log each
1 Megabyte. E.g. edb.log. Can I safely remove these.

Next question:
Directory Windows\Fba. Is this needed after FBA has been done.

Next question:
More tips to reduce size wanted.

Lasse E


Hi Lasse..
well wht you face is what most of us do...We are
currenlty having images as big as 250MB, coz the clients
want to use Xpe as XP pro and run applications and web
browsers resulting in a bIg image.
well As far as waht you say, I can only reconfirm one
thing, you can safely remove FBA folder and its ocntents
after the FBA has ran.
Abt the rest..i guess our friends from MS can throw some

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