questionnaire providing list of requirements



I'm trying to create a yes/no questionnaire in excel and need to incorporate
some additional criteria:

1) Questions are broken into categories. If the 1st response to any given
category is"no", then all other questions of the same category are greyed
out, not displayed, or automatically answered for the respondent.

2) If any answer is "yes", then a separate worksheet lists certain
requirements pertaining to the original question. At this time I have
IF/THEN statements such as IF B5="yes" then display the contents of <data
worksheet> However, this leaves large blank areas if a respondent answered
"no" for one category but "yes" for the next.

3) The requirements listed should then be formatted for easy printing or



Barb Reinhardt

It sounds like you're going to need to use VBA to do what you want. Start
with the Worksheet_Change event.



Mike Middleton

jammyjamms -

I suggest using Survey Monkey or a similar service for your questionnaire.

You may have to pay a (small) fee for the branching feature, but it may be
more efficient that trying to use Excel.

And, you can still use Excel for analyzing the data and creating charts.

- Mike Middleton
Decision Analysis Add-ins for Excel

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