Question/Problem with Vista Search



First, is there a way to force Vista search to search file content without
first searching file names and then having it ask me if I want to search
within files?

Second, I have a folder on my hard drive with about 40 powerpoint files. I
tried searching for a phrase within those files and Vista search returned
nearly all the files even though I am pretty sure that phrase does NOT appear
in all of the returned results. What Gives?


Dave Wood [MS]

If you add the locaton you are searching to your index then contents as well
as filename will be searched all at once.

Or there's an option in the Search Options dialog to do this "Always search
filenames and contents".

Vista searches lots of metadata associated with files, not just the
contents. What was the phrase you were searching for? Could it have been
found in the path, author, doc title etc. fields?



Not likely the phrase was part of those other fields. The powerpoint slides
are the words to songs we sing in church and I was looking for a phrase in
one of those songs. The words in the phrase would be quite common; however,
the phrase itself would not be.


Dave Wood [MS]

If you can explain what you are searching for and how, we might be able to
dig further. Note that you need to put the phrase in double quotes to do an
actual phrase search rather than just looking for the words individually.


I have a folder named "Power Point Music" in the root of the C drive on my
laptop. Inside that folder are 91 files. All except one are Power Point

I have the search options configured to "Always search filenames and contents"

The search phrase I entered was "my life is in you lord" (tried both with
and without quotes).

Vista returns 43 results. The first file does, in fact, have that phrase
because it was the one I added this past Sunday. However, I physically
opened the first five results after that file and none of them have that
phrase within the file (using search within power point itself).

Thanks again,

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