Question about the 2.0 web configuration tool outside ofdevelopment



I read in an older article from MSDN November 2005:

"With the release of Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, there is no "out of
the box" solution for maintaining the Membership and Role databases in
Microsoft IIS. This is a problem when you move your application from
development to a production IIS server. The utility that Microsoft
provides, ASP.NET Web Configuration, can be run only in a development,
non-production environment."

Is this still true today? Is it still the practice to create custom
ways to accomplish this? Also, why would Microsoft have only created
a tool for use on the development machine with no way to manage the
system in production? Just wondering the thought here and if I'm
correct the alternative is to manually edit things with the sql server
(or your database tool) management studio.

Thank you for comments.

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