question about .NET 3.5 and II6



I'm creating a website using .NET 3.5. I host the website temporarly on a
server I have here. I host it there so I can test how the website looks in
IE6 etc... The strange is that the website is created using .NET 3.5, but in
II6 the website run using .NET 2.0. That server is a win2k3 machine and
..NET 3.5 is installed, but I cannot select it in II6

Should I run aspnet_register or some other command to register .NET 3.5 with

Peter Bromberg[C# MVP]

..NET 3.5 is essentially an "Add on" to .NET Framework 2.0 IIS will continue
to run under ASP.NET 2.0, by design.

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