Hi everyone.

I would like to know how I can extract information from one field in
access. I have a field called FullName with the following format:

Smith, Mr. John

I'd like to be able to extract the following from the field:




It should look like the following:

LastName = Smith

FirstName = John

Title = Mr.

Now if there's no title, it's ok it'll just be blank.

I was able to use the following query to extract the lastname:

LastName: Left([Name],InStr([Name],",")-1)

but I'm not sure how to go about the FirstName and Title.

Thanks for any advice!!




Thanks Vanderghast!

Do you know by any chance how to run a delete query? After I did that
and trimmed the database, i got about 594 identical names and I want to
delete the identical ones. I don't know if I run a delete query it
might delete all 594 which I don't want. I'm assuming half of the 594
is what I need.

Thanks in advance!

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