Query to show all records when a value in a record has been entered


Colin Weir

Hi there

I'm trying to do something I think would be simple however I am
toiling with it.

I have a database and I've created a query to get it to list all the
records of people's email address along with their names and also
whether they have been archived or not.

I would like it to only show the information where there is an email
address entered and not all the blank ones also.

Design view is set as follows

Archive: No
Archive Date: Is Null

I've tried using * and Is Not Null but I am still getting all the
records showing.





Arvin Meyer [MVP]

For the address list you are looking for, use only the addresses, not every
field. Also use the DISTINCT keyword to eliminate duplicates:

SELECT DISTINCT tblMyData.EmailAddress
FROM tblMyData
WHERE (((tblMyData.EmailAddress) Is Not Null));

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