Query Help Sought




I have a table with the following fields
- Month
- CarID
- Reg Plate
- Mileage Band
- Sale Price

And I am trying desperately to achieve something in a query but can't.

The table contains car sales data, as you may have gathered. What I am
trying to do is arrange the query so that car sales in the same month for
the same CarID, same mileage Band and consecutive plates are returned, along
with a calculated field giving the % difference in Price.

The 2 plates I am interested in are 2003 52 and 2003 03. I want to extract
all instances where there are sales for the same car/same month/same mileage
band on these plates & calculate the difference in Sale Price.

SO let's say 3 records have same Month,CarID,RegPlate & MileageBand with a
Reg Plate value of 2003 52.
And there are 2 records with same month,ID,RegPlate, & MileageBand with a
Reg Plate value of 2003 03.

I need the query to group & average the three 2003 52 Prices, group &
average the two 2003 03 price and give the % Price Difference in a
calculated field.

I'm afraid my query skills are just not up to this at the moment so would
really appreciate any help anyone could offer. It would save me so much
time doing it manually in Excel . As well as being an invaluable learning

Many thanks


I hope I've given enough details. If not please let me know. Cheers

Ken Snell \(MVP\)

see your post in other newsgroup where you posted this same question.

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