Query formating data for another program.



I have a list of users. I am attempting to put their
extensions in to lists of 8 by their managers last name.
Data as it if now formatted:
Name Ext Manager Group
Joe 7835 Sue Jones Jones
Chuck 7855 Sue Jones Jones
Alice 7815 Sue Jones Jones
Steve 7800 Mark Law Law

Result I am looking for
Group ExtList1
Jones 7835; 7855; 7815; etc
Law 7800

Each Extlist can have 8 entries and then a second list
will need to be used Extlist2 if you will.

I have done it manually with one query for each quote and
manually breaking out 8 at a time. I am looking for an
easier way!

Thank you in advance



Thanks alot. That is working very well.

Is there an easy way to pull out the first 8? Second 8?

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