query failure



Access 2000, windows xp professional - sp2

Some time ago, I wrote a query which is a make-table query based on a sub
query. The query will run properly if I tell it to do so. However, if I try
to open this query in design view, the design view screen comes up and you
can see the picture of my sub query, yet then Access immediately locks up for
a few seconds before I get a message saying 'access has encountered a problem
and needs to close'. It happens every time.

Anyone have any idea what’s going on? Is there any way to fix, correct, or
remedy this? I need to get to the sql of the sub query, but as I’ve described
Access dies on me every time I try. . .

Lou Sanderson

Jeff Boyce


Have you (first made a backup) tried using Compact & Repair? Have you tried
creating a new (empty) .mdb file and importing all the pieces into the new

Do you have a backup copy of the .mdb file from before this problem cropped
up? Perhaps you could import a copy of the query as it worked, delete the
bad one, and use the restored copy.

Good luck

Jeff Boyce
<Office/Access MVP>


Yes, with Access, I routinely store backups, and have the 'compact on close'
option checked.

Kind of strange, I imported the just the query into a new .mdb file and was
able to get to the sql. Then I imported all my tables plus the query and I
ran into the usual problem.

So, I don’t know what role importing the tables had with my problem, but
bottom line I got to the sql which was what I needed.


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