Query Crosstabs Column Headings...



I'm using a Query Crosstab with 4 Column Headings: None, Low, Medium, and
High. As long as I have each heading selected as an entry in the database it
will show and compute as a crosstab.

My problem occurs if I am missing one of the data descriptions. For
example: If I have a number of Lows, Mediums, and Highs; and no Nones, the
crosstab won't work as it is missing a heading of None. However, if I enter
a None in the database column it will work fine.

My workaround is to just add a empy record for each of the evaluations- Low,
Medium, High and None. However, this means that my counts will be increased
by a total of 4.

How can I still reserve each heading even though I haven't used the
evaluation, yet. Knowing that eventually, I will use it.


Duane Hookom

The answer is a property in your subject line. Find the Column Headings
property and enter:
Column Headings: "None","Lows","Medium","High"

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