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I have a query that has a business type field. The field is populated with
either a 1 a 2 or a 3. In the fields criteria, I've used a criteria that is
linked to a frame on a form. Here is what I want to do:

I want to be able to filter each of these three business types, but I also
want to be able to run the query showing all segments. I created a 4 in my
frame and wrote the following criteria so that my query will show all
records. It doesn't work, so can someone show me how to accomplish my task.

IIf([Forms]![frmREGION_REPORT]![Frame11]=4,"Is Not

Thank you

John Spencer

Enter the following as your criteria.

= [Forms]![frmREGION_REPORT]![Frame11] or
[Forms]![frmREGION_REPORT]![Frame11] = 4

Access will rearrange that when it saves the query, but that should work for
you although it will return all records when Frame11 = 4 (not just the
non-null records.

If you wanted to get all records with a value you could use

Field: YourField
Criteria: Between [Forms]![frmREGION_REPORT]![Frame11] Mod 4 and

Mod 4 would change 4 to zero and leave 1,2, and 3 alone.

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