query criteria based on a changing list of values



I am trying to create a query that I can update that will return values based
on criteria from a list of values. Right now I have a range defined as
=OFFSET(RangeValues!$B$2,0,0,COUNT(RangeValues!$B:$B),1) that holds the
criteria I want to query by. I would like for the query to alter its
selection criteria based on what is keyed into column B of the “RangeValuesâ€
worksheet. Hopefully the finished product would be for me to
add/delete/update values in column B, then run a macro (or refresh a query)
that will return data based on what is currently in column B.

I am connecting through an ODBC and can get the results I want if I copy and
paste the criteria values into the SQL each time they change, but I cant get
it to work based on a dynamic range of values.

I am open to try solutions in VBA or the Excel Query Builder, I'm desperate.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Check out "SQL Question" on 3/1/2006. It may help. I am after the extact
same thing but haven't had time to try cmd recommended in here.



Patrick Molloy

something like this to get you started maybe:

function GetSQL() as String
dim text as string
dim cell as range

for each cell in range("????").Cells
text = text & " , " & cell.value
text = "SELECT " & MID(text,2) & "FROM WHATTABLE_ETC_ETC"
GetSQL = text
End Function

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