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Greetings all.

I have a query question.

Say I have a query with 5 fields from these tables:
fielda = text field from table1
fieldb = text field from table2
fieldc = date field from table3
fieldd = number field from table3
fielde = number field from table3

I need to chose/select an entry/make a choice on table1 for fielda
(typically consists of 5 records with long text names), make a choice from
table2 (typically consists of 25 records with long text names) and a date

I can do the date range with out a problem. Is there a way to offer a 'list
box' or 'combo box' from the records of table1 and table2 to chose from? I
am using access 2000.






The only date is in your table3 but I see no relation between the tables.

Post your table structure with example of your date in each. Then show an
example of what you expect to get as a result of the query.

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