Qstn: Image Control - Bitmap

Mar 22, 2011
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I am new to programming in Outlook. In Outlook 2007 I created a form through the "Developer" tab. The form has a second page where I insterted a standard image control from the toolbox. The control is named "image1." I want to populate the image control with a bitmap of an XL chart. The bitmap will always the same filename and be saved to a single directory on my local drive. Ideally, I would like an event triggered where some code replaces the existing bitmap with whatever is in my directory when I save a draft.

Can someone please instruct me on how to populate the image control with a bitmap using VBA or Vbs? I may want to add multiple pages and have a separate image control on each page populate with another bmp. Error handling is another issue. Users should not see an err msg; as I will be the only one populating the image controls.

I can figure the code out in XL but am completely lost with Outlook. Appreciate any direction that you can give.

Best Rgds,

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