Qry to put list of contacts in one single row



I'm new to this site, I thought I would see if anyone could help me since I'm
struggling with Access. I have a table with many companies' info and a table
with employee/contact info for those companies. I need to put the employees
in a single row next to the company they belong to. There may be one or
several employees titles, names to each company and I need to list them all
in one row (i.e. Smith Company, Jane Doe, HR, Bob Smith, CEO, George Jacob,
President. When I do a basic qry the company name is listed each time an
employee name is listed. i.e.
Smith Company, Jane Doe, HR
Smith Company, Bob Smith, CE0
Smith Company, George Jacob, President






Is there a reason you are not using a report?

It sounds like you want to create a report based on the query and Group By

The Report Wizard will help you with the grouping if you aren't familiar
with it.

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