Q: Studio 2003 and Outlook Interop, a non working combination?

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Visual Systems AB \(Martin Arvidsson\)


First of all, so sorry for the cross posting, had no idea where to put this

I am runing out of ideas now. I have scanned several ng's but not found an
answer. So this is the last try :(

I have VS 2003 Enterprise, Office 2003, and i made sure that the .NET
framwork was applied with "Run on machine". after office i opened VStudio.
Entered, "using Microsoft.Office" but nope, it wouldn't recognize the
I opened the framework configuration and it is installed.

I just cant get the namespace Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word to work, nor,
excel, and outlook...

What could possibly be wrong?!

I have reinstalled the office, I did ran regasm command in the studio
commandprompt on the .DLL's still no luck...



Martin Arvidsson


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