[Q] Outlook 2007 and previewing CHM files....


Donovan J. Edye


- I receive a number of CHM files as attachments from a trusted source.

1. However Windows will not allow me to open the attachments directly
and I can only save them to disk. I realise that this is a security
consideration but I would like to turn this off as I know the CHM's are
2. Assuming I can work around 1. are there any viewers available for
CHM so that I could preview the CHM file in the preview pane?

Any pointers, help greatly appreciated.

Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

Moving an attachment to Level 2, which is what Attachment Options or the
registry change does allows you to see the received attachments but you
still have to save them to the file system. Unless you're using Exchange
server and the security form allows those attachment types as completely
unrestricted there's no way around to do what you want.

Donovan J. Edye

Gee I just dont seem to having a good day of things here :-( Using a M$
product with an M$ imposed file format and you cannot get to view the
file without jumping through hoops.

As an aside when are all the viewers for Outlook supposed to be coming.
The M$ site has been saying they are coming for months now.

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