Q On Simple FTP/Telnet


Clinton M James

Hey folks,

For my work I have to create text files that get uploaded via ftp to another
server, then i log out and go to telnetto execute them, then back to ftp to
download the files... basically thje script executes a process to convert
images to pdf format.

I have excel retrieve the items that people want and compile the scripts,
but what i would like to do it have vba/excel connect to ftp, log in,
upload, then logoff then go into telnet to execute, and then back to ftp.

Currently, I use send keys with a command prompt but this sometimes fails to
work, doesnt know when things are complete and delays are guesswork, also
you cannot do anything on the computer until done, theregore if anybody
knows a simple code for telnet and ftp, please advise.. I am not advanced in
my programming therefore something not complicated to follow would be
appreciated, if possible.

Thank you in advance.


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