Q: Login Control is behaving strange when site on prod server.

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Martin Arvidsson, Visual Systems AB


I published my web application today on a 2003 server with IIS 6 and Net
Frmwk 2

I have a root containing


Then a folder called /Pages/Order
under that folder i have severald aspx pages.

In the /Pages i have a web.config telling that no anonymous users is allowed
and there for
the login.aspx is displayed if not logged in.

The user tries to access the mysite.com/Pages/Order/NewOrder.aspx and will
be redirected to Login.aspx

After the user submits the userid and password, it wont redirect to the page
he/she was trying to access.
The server tells me that the page doesn't exist.

I have checked, rights, on the IIS server, filesystem etc. But i cant
understand why it doesn't work
If i run it localy it works like a charm.

Is there a setting on the IIS that needs to be enabled?


Martin Arvidsson, Visual Systems AB

Additional information!

I see to my horror that pages that are accessible for anonymous users could
not be
found either?

I have a folder called /All

and when clicking a link on my default.aspx page it wont get there either?!?

The href of the a tag is pointing like this "/All/Guestpage.aspx"

What could be wrong?

Juan T. Llibre

You need to create a <location> tag in a web.config
which points to /All and specifically allows anonymous access.

<location path="/All/Guestpage.aspx">
<allow users="*"/>

You can place the location tag either in the root directory or in the /All directory.

See :

....for more detail.

Juan T. Llibre, asp.net MVP
asp.net faq : http://asp.net.do/faq/
foros de asp.net, en español : http://asp.net.do/foros/

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