[Q] a8n-sli deluxe + 3200+ winchester + dual channel




I've a a8n-sli deluxe + amd64 3200+ winchester + 2x512 corsair twinx
3200XL in dual channel.

I want to buy other 2x512 corsair 3200XL to have 2 go ram.

My questions are :

1- Can i have all bank in dual channel
2- Can i have 1T memory lantency

Thx for reply,



You should ask that in the Corsair forum.
Hope this helps
Very sage advice.

I think that you'll find out there that you should be able to run all
four sticks in dual-channel mode, but you'll have to settle for a 2T
command rate.
However, depending on what you're doing with your computer, it may run
faster with 2GB at 2T than it does with 1GB at 1T. I've read that 2T
gives you a 3-5% performance hit, and that may be more than
compensated for by the performance improvement you get from doubling
the RAM.


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