.pvm file extensions-How do I undo back to jpeg?!?!

Oct 28, 2007
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My Photo software won't read .pvm file extensions - How can I correct?
My operating system is Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2
My printer is HP Color Laser Jet 2840 All-in-One

The photo software I have been using for a couple of years is

HP Image Zone Plus

I had no problems or issues with Image Zone Plus until I received a digital camera as a gift - HP Photosmart M527v. I recently transfered images from the camera - per instruction book by installing software from the CD that came with the camera . It loaded Photosmart Premier and deleted my HP Image Zone Plus and my HP Director . I didn't realize that's what it was doing until way too late.

An HP Tech helped me remove the Photosmart Premier that overwrote Image Zone Plus and reinstall my HP Director and HP Image Zone from my Laserjet installation CD.

I now have My Image Zone Plus back. I can scan to, edit, save, but can not print from Image Zone Plus. I have not issues printing or scanning from HP director. I noticed that the thousands of pictures I had previously folders under my docs... now seem duplicated in blue (compressed) with .pvm file extensions. I am thinking that Image Zone can't find what it needs to find in order to print. Before speaking with HP - the second time..... when I would try to print from Image Zone Plus - I got the following error messages: "Layout PlugIn Object is Null" and "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" - I hit OK and it would kick me out. I have seemed to correct all of those issues through HP and am no longer getting error messages - Just unable to print from Image Zone Plus...... HELP

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