Puzzling Windows Update Page Problem



I have an unusual problem for which I have not found any previous reference
to in these posts.

My screen resolution is set to 1024x768. All pages and font sizes,
everywhere, throughout the interface and in IE, appear in a normal font
size, with the exception of the Windows Update page, accessed through the
program menu.

Looking at the Windows Update page -

at the top right corner of the page, the MS.com Home and Site Map headers,
the search box and Go button, are normal in font size.

at the upper left corner of the page, the MS and MS Update headers are a
normal font size.

The Welcome to MS Updates header to the center appears in a normal font

The Options links on the left center of the page all appear in a font size
that is barely readable.

In the center of the page, the Express and Custom buttons are a normal font
size, but the words to the top, to the right, and to the bottom of them
appear in a font size that is barely readable. Clicking on the both of these
buttons open to pages whose fonts size is barely readable.

The panels on the right center of the page, the Auto Update status and the
News, both appear in a font size that is barely readable.

On the bottom left of the page, the headings for the Update Privacy Policy
Statement link, the Terms of Use link, and the Privacy Statement link, all
appear in a normal font size.

Note that when clicking on the Update Privacy Policy Statement link, it
opens to an entire page whose font is so small as to be barely readable.

Oddly, clicking on the links for the Terms of Use, and the Privacy
Statement, both open to pages whose font size is normal.

I have tried changing the resolution on the entire computer in Desktop
settings to a lower setting to see if this helps, but while all other pages
throughout the interface, and in IE, are uniformally normal, the MS Update
page is still affected with a tiny font size, with the noted exceptions.
Likewise, changing the font size for web pages does not make a difference.

Whether I use the link to Windows Update through the program menu, or
by typing the link address in IE, the result is still the same - a page
with tiny
fonts, with the noted exceptions.

This problem started a few weeks ago for no apparent reason. Scans for
viruses, spy/ad-ware, or malicious cookies, show nothing unusual.

I have found no reference in these posts or at other forums of a
similar problem.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Have you opened up Internet Explorer > Internet Options >
On the General Tab, click on the Accessibility button; see if you want to
try "Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages."

You have probably already been to Internet Explorer > View > Text size, and
changed that setting to smaller or larger (which you have found out, it
doesn't always help since many websites have found a way to control their
web text to stay the way they want you to see it. Though, depending
sometimes on your own settings, is still too small to read)

Recently, I also opened Outlook Express > Options > Compose;
Changed my font settings from 10 to 11, and somehow, I can read from the
internet better now.

I'm sure there must be a better answer, but I haven't found it, either.


Thanks for responding.

I changed the IE setting as you suggested, but it didn't work. The result
was the entire newsgroup page appearing in a font almost too small to be
read. Putting the setting back to it's orginal value corrected that problem.

I appreciate your help. I had hoped that more people would weigh in with
suggestions since the problem seems to be unique.

Take care.

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