putting things into the right columns depending on their value



Merry christmas everyone,

To make things just a little bit more merrier for me i would really
appreciate some help with this one!
I have a Union query as shown below, this paragraph pulls up cheque payment
and puts them into the credit column (as they are being paid into our
company), a charge would go into the debt column:

SELECT cheque.datebanked AS [Bank/Receipt Date], "Cheque Payment" AS
[Charge Type], cheque.Amount AS Amount, Receipt.ReceiptNo,iif( false,
CCur(0), Null ) As Debt, iif(false, CCur(0), cheque.Amount) AS Credit,
Receipt.Student AS StudentReference
FROM Receipt INNER JOIN cheque ON Receipt.ReceiptNo = cheque.ReceiptNo
WHERE ((Receipt.Student)=[studentName])

but if we refund a cheque then this is also stored in the same table as we
pay a cheque back with a negative amount to the original cheque.
How can i show that refunds are in the debits column and normal cheques are
in the credit column?

with much thanks


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