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v. Excel 2007
I have a front sheet that you update which runs for a number of columns
along, 12 of which information is taken and 80 rows down. Certain parts of
the front sheet information is pulled through to 80 different pages.

The current formula I use to pull information through is:
=+'Master Info'!B13, =+'Master Info'!C13, etc up to =+'Master Info'!M13

The above populates only one page, the next page should read:
=+'Master Info'!B14, =+'Master Info'!C14, etc up to =+'Master Info'!M14

How do I set up the formula in the same cell for each page but have the
number change in each time without doing it manually?

Thanks for the help!




One way would be to put the formula on the 1st sheet. Then copy it to the
2nd sheet, but one row lower, and so on for the other sheets. Then for
sheets 2-80, drag the row back up to where you really wanted it to be.

Another way would be to use a find/replace from the edit menu -- this gets a
little tricky because you want to replace only the numbers.

You could also put togther a macro to create all of them. If you want to go
this route, let me know, and provide a little more info and I'll try to help.

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