pull data from one table to another if multiple conditions are met



I have two tables. One has a column for State and a column for Month/Year.
The other table has a column for State, a column for beginning period and a
column for ending period. There are other columns in each table. When the
Month/Year in the first table falls between the beginning and ending period
in the second table and the State is the same, I want to pull a value from
the second table to the first table. Can Excel do it? How?

Table 1 (thousands of records with different State and Month/Year)
NY 03/2004
NY 05/2005
CA 08/2003
CA 10/2004

Table 2
NY 01/2001 12/2003 rate1
NY 01/2004 12/2006 rate2
CA 01/2001 12/2003 rate3
CA 01/2004 12/2006 rate4

The target result should be

NY 03/2004 rate2
NY 05/2005 rate2
CA 08/2003 rate3
CA 10/2004 rate4


Use a helper column, say E, in Table 2, with formula
filled down as required (results shall be numbers: 200101, 200401, ...).

Enter formul

in C2 of Table 1, where Table2 is the sheet name containing Table 2. Fill it
down as required.

It works only if rows are sorted by state and month/year like in your example!


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