PST files will not open



PST file will not open after exporting from OutlookXP and
Exchange 5.5 and trying to Import to OutlookXP and
Exchange 2003. (although others have came across just
fine, just 1 .pst file I am having trouble with!) I have
successfully setup outlook and Exchange 2003, just cannot
import one file! I exported all mail from exchange to
each persons seperate .pst file, then made a CDR to move
to the new server. Copied Mail files to Desktop and made
sure it was NOT IN READ ONLY! All worked fine except one!

PST file size is only 26mb

I go to Import from another Program or file

then select Personal Folder File (.PST)

Select my .PST file from the Import window (this is what
confuses me - it does show up as a .pst file)

Error Message is:

The file c:\......\Filename.pst is not a Personal Folders

Please help, this happens to be MY mail file (i guess
thats good for everyone else!! HAHA)

Thanks, please reply if you need more info!





Have you tried just copying the file from the CDR to the
hard disk and then going into Outlook Tools folders
and "mapping" to the pst file? At least you could read
the old emails and always move them to the new (default)
inbox. BTW, where IS that inbox default in Windows2000?

I have multiple pst files to keep my mails organized and
maintain small pst file size.

Someone told me they had trouble viewing a pst file I had
archived in a similar way, but never sent me the disk, so
I couldn't follow up.

Good luck!



Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]

Exmerge is a utility that comes on the Exchange CD - you run it against the
Exchange stores and it automatically extracts everything into individual PST

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