PST file won't open



I reformatted my hard disk and saved (exported) PST files
before doing so - but now office 2003 won't reload the PST
folders on my CD rom. I saved them first to the desktop
of course.

Outlook tells me the file is not a personal folders file
even though I can see the PST extension. It simply
refuses to open the old files even though I composed them
as an exported file from outlook 2003 before reformatting
the HD.

I tried pstscan.exe and various proprietary recovery tools
with no help. I am running win XP as well.

Any advice would be sincerely appreciated.

Thanks - F



William Yuen

Did you remove the Read only attritude of PST file ?

Best Regards

William Yuen


Yes I did. Additionally have tried a couple of sample
proprietary programs on the web which advertise help in
recovering corrupted PST files.

Thanks again for any advice you could give.


Jan 22, 2006
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I am having the same problem.

I am trying to import/open a previous Outlook 2003 pst file that I had created. It is on my local hard drive. When I do so, either through import or the mail icon in control panel (Windows 2000), it says that I don't have permissions to open this file. I am the creator, owner and have administrative rights with full access to this file. The read only attribute is NOT selected, so everything seems ok and I should have all the permissions necessary to open this file. But no matter what I try, I get the same error message - “File Access is denied. You do not have the permission required to access the file…”

Does anyone have a solution? Please let me know.


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