Protecting hidden columns so they can't be unhidden ?




Is there a way to hide columns so that no one else can unhide them ? Need
to send a file with data in 2 hidden columns that I don't want to be
unhidden and I don't want to have to delete them.

Thanks !




Gary, easiest way is to hide the columns then protect the worksheet (Tools >
Protection > Protect Sheet). If there are cells that the recipients will use
for data entry, unlock them (Format > Cells > Protection > Locked) first.

You can also remove the row and column headers (Tools > Options > View > Row
& column headers) so it won't be immediately apparent that there are hidden

Ron de Bruin

There is no safe way to do this
You can protect your sheet but the password is easy to break.

The best way is to only send the visible data as values to them.
Is this a option?



Ken Wright

Most in here could break any level of protection you put on those columns in
around 12 seconds or less. If this is stuff you'd 'rather' they didn't see,
then your choice of whether to chance it, but if it's sensitive data that's in
there then I'd suggest you rethink this now. As Ron suggested, paste as values
or find another way of disguising/burying the data in a format that can't be
reverse engineered.

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