Protect worksheet but still be able to use Data Filter and Data Sort


Harry Flashman

I worksheet that I want to protect but I would like the users to still
be able to use Data Filter and to be able to sort the Data. Is this
possible in Excel 2003 without using macros?
When I select Tools/Protection/Protect Worksheet I have notice there
are check boxes which allow exceptions to the usual total protection.
I have ticked the following boxes:
Allow all users of this worksheet too:
Select locked cells
Select unlocked cells
Use AutoFilter

However I am still unable to apply autofilter or sort the data. Have I
missed a step? Or am I asking for the impossible?

Any hep with this question would be greatly appreciated.

Harry Flashman

Okay then the lack of reponse to this post would indicate that it is
not possible to filter or sort a protected worksheet (without macros).
This makes me wonder what are the tick boxes (as mentioned above)
Sort, Use AutoFilter for?

Dave Peterson

Are the cells in your range to sort unlocked or locked?

If you have to have them locked, then I think you're out of luck.

If it's ok to unlock those cells, is it ok to unlock all the cells in the rows
with data?

If yes, try unlocking all those cells in those rows.

Can you use a macro?

If you're using any version of excel, you can use a technique at Debra
Dalgleish's site:

You'll have to add a couple of lines--one to unprotect the sheet and another to
protect it after the sort.

If you're new to macros:

Debra Dalgleish has some notes how to implement macros here:

David McRitchie has an intro to macros:

Ron de Bruin's intro to macros:

(General, Regular and Standard modules all describe the same thing.)

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