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I have three email accounts in Outlook 2007: an Excchange (ost) and 2
personal (pst.)

When I create a new mail message, I'd like to click on a button that then
prompts me for the account, and then creates a blank message (from the
selected account) for me to fill in.

I've done a fair amount of VBA Excel programming, but none in Outlook.

But I don't have the time to learn the Outlook object model for this
personal project.

Could someone provide me with the handful of lines necessary to accomplish





Michael Bauer [MVP - Outlook]

You don't want to get prompted automatically when creating a new message,
right? Why don't you then just hit the dropdown button for selecting an
account? That would be one click less.

if you want to code it yourself anyway, see the Accounts collection of the
Application.Session object. Display all the accounts in an appropriate
control on an MSForm, and write the selection into the
MailItem.SendUsingAccount property.

If you're looking for a ready-to-use solution, see the link in my signature
please. The SAM Add-in for Outlook can ask you for the sending account to

Best regards
Michael Bauer - MVP Outlook
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SAM - The Sending Account Manager:

Am Mon, 5 Apr 2010 09:22:23 -0700 schrieb Tom:

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