promoting a Windows 2000 server to DC into a Windows 2000 domain


Hii Sing Chung

I have read the KB article 325379: There is only one section
which I am not clear of, that is "Upgrading Windows 2000 domain controllers
by using Winnt32.exe".
What I want to do is to join a Windows 2003 server into a Windows 2000
domain as a DC, without upgrading the existing Windows 2000 DCs (4 of them)
to Windows 2003, for obvious reason - not enough Windows 2003 licenses. The
article does not specify whether the upgrading of Windows 2000 DCs to
Windows 2003 DCs is a compulsory step. My questions: 1. Is it compulsory to
upgrade all the DCs to Windows 2003 before I can promote a Windows 2003
server as DC of this domain? Is it that the domain naming master and primary
domain controller role must be held by a Windows 2003 DC in such a domain?


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