Programs "shut down" when viewing thumbnail images


Ernesto Lao

While working in JASC Paintshop Pro 8 and opening and
editing JPG and TIF photos, I suddenly received
an "unexpected program terination" message with the option
to send a report to Microsoft. The program then just
closed. This happens every time I re-open the program and
open a folder to view thumbnail images. I tried different
image folders and the same thing happens.

What's even more perplexing is that this (program
termination) now also occurs no matter which graphic
editing program I use to open and view thumbnails
including Microsoft Digital Image Pro, Irfanview, Adobe
Photoshop Elements and EVEN Windows Explorer.

Since it is universal, it seems to have something to do
with viewing thumbnail images, but I have no idea what to
do to "fix it." I have sent the "reports" to Micosoft
each time and am using Windows XP with SP1 installed.

I've been viewing and editing graphics for months with
these programs and this never happened before.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

John Inzer

Try this:

Right click on a .jpg file and choose Properties.
Click the Photoshop Image tab and uncheck the
"Generate Thumbnails" button, then click OK.

Also, running Disk CleanUp, Error Checking and
Defrag on a regular schedule is a good idea.


John Inzer
Picture It! MVP
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