Programmatically validate passwords against password filter/policy


Daniel Creeron

Hi Everyone.

Is there a way to programmatically (pre-)validate a users password against
the current password filter/policies? We're in a Windows Server 2000/2003
environment with Active Directory.

We have a web-based application that allows resetting/synching multiple
passwords. If the user wants their NT/AD account reset then we'd like to
pre-qualify the new password against the existing filter/policies. Ideally
getting a 'true' or 'false' return.

Once we validate the new password the request would continue downstream to
the rest of our process.

I've done a lot of 'googling' and only found articles related to
implementing your own PassFilt.dll. I just want to use whatever is
currently in place, not write my own.

Thanks in advance.



Joe Richards [MVP]

Unfortunately not directly no. You could kind of fake this functionality by
trying to set the password on another account (test account) but that won't help
you for password history issues.


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