Product Key is "Invalid"



I installed a trial version of Outlook 2007 and then purchased the hard copy
of it. I installed it and it never got rid of the trial version. I
uninstalled the new version and went into the trial version and figured that
I could just enter the product key. They say the product key is invalid.
Probably because I already entered it once.

How do I get the product key re-activated? I purchased the product and my
trial version ends tomorrow. 1/31/2009.


The product key you have is just for the CD you purchased and will not work
on the trial version. Since you already uninstalled the new version, you
should uninstall the trial version and then reinstall the new version using
the CD you purchased.


You cannot install any MS product over a trial
Uninstall all versions of Office shown in Add/Remove and *only if all*
uninstalled install from cd/dvd

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