Product Activation problem



The pc is an aunthicated purchase through HP. The product is installed at
Tripoli, Libya.
product key is 76487-OEM-0056163-05444.
I installed XP with the below product key once a few months back, and the
machine crashed. Now, after re-installing, When i try to activate this, it
gives an error.

Kindly advice as to how to re-activate this product.


Will Denny


You shouldn't have posted the PK here. Please have a look at the following
article regarding Activation:

"Windows Product Activation (WPA) on Windows XP"


Will Denny
MS-MVP Windows Shell/User
Please reply to the News Groups


The number you give is the product ID not the number you use to install and
activate. You need to look at the COA which gives you the actual serial
number. If you don't have this you need to contact the company which sold
you the OS.



Use the 'Phone Microsoft' option, ask to speak to an advisor, and explain
the situation. There have been a lot of problems with activating HP OEM keys
lately. Some won't even install, let alone activate.

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