Process.Start executing old version of my EXE



Hi everyone,
From my WinForms app I am executing an external process. It turns out
that I have replaced the EXE of the external process with a newer
version and my WinForms app is still executing the old one. I am using
Visual Studio 2005 and programming in C#.

I have been wrecking my brains for two days and I can't find a possible
explanation. These are the things I have tried so far:
-Renaming the new EXE and, of course, referencing the new name in my
-Deleted all the MUICache entries in the registry.
-Removed the EXE completely from my Visual Studio solution and added it
-Deleted all the suspicious caching files of Visual Studio.
-If I xcopy my app to another computer it works.
-If I xcopy my app to another folder in the same dev computer it works
only once; in subsequent runs the old version of the EXE is called
(even with a different EXE name).

This is absolutely frustrating.

I would appreciate any input.

Thanks much!

Jim Hughes

Is there more than one copy on the machine? Maybe somewhere in the path?

Process Explorer from (free) might help identify the
actual location of the executable.

John Fullmer

Make sure that you've completely removed it from the system, and then
double check by running pview or some similar app.

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