Procedure to create new account doesn't work


Frederick Lamartin

I need help with the following situation:

All attempts to create a new standard user account by means of the
prescribed procedure fail. The procedure is Start\Control Panel\User
Accounts\Manage Another Account\Create New Account. (New account does not
appear in account list in the Manage Another Account dialogue box nor in
Start Menu. My account is an Administrator account, which should allow me to
create a new account.

The Problem is accompanied by inability to disable UAC.

I have tried to get at security policy by means of secpol.msc, but can not
find it.


You appear to be using one of the Vista Home editions, which does not include
useful tools like secpol.msc or gpedit.msc.

Try going to Run and type in 'control userpasswords2' (yes, include the 2)
and contuinue at the UAC prompt. If you do not see the name of a created user
that you made, click add and enter information for that new user. Switch
users and your new account should be there. If you still do not see the new
account or if the name is already on the list, go to Run again and type
'regedit'. Look for the key


and create a new DWORD (32-bit) value with the name of your newly created
user. Give it a value of one (1). Now look at your logon screen. If your user
is still not there, go to the following URL

and download the program and install it. It says that it wants you to pay
ten bucks, but i got it for free. Once you have it installed, run it as an
administrator (right-click and press the annoying shield), and see if the
account is on that list. If it is, be sure that the account you just made is
not disabled. If it is, uncheck the box. If you do not see it, click 'Server'
and 'Add User'. You should know what to do from here. Tell me how it goes.

Frederick Lamartin

Thanks for your sound information. "control userpasswords2" set up a new
account for me. I find that I have considerable control of the account via
"control userpasswords2". The "Start\Control Panel\User\ Accounts\Manage
Another Account" dialogue box does not show the new account or give me any
control over it. Obviously, I can get by with the "control userpasswords2"
approach, but regret that Vista is failing me in this regard. Do you think
that Microsoft knows of this inadequacy? If not, how does one get the word
to them?


More than likely, you are not the only one having trouble with this and
Microsoft knows about this problem. They probably don't have the time or
energy to help you. That's just life.

Can you log on after creating an account with userpasswords2?

Also, if you want to create a shortcut on your desktop to the Advanced User
Accounts Control Panel, create it from the address "netplwiz". You don't need
to type anything else.

And did you try the link I gave you?

Frederick Lamartin

Yes, I can log on to new account, and miniprogram set up a user folder/file
structure for it in. c:\users The new account does not appear in the Start

I have set up the shortcut you suggested.

I followed the link to the XP Home Manger you gave me. Download button did
not work. I sent an email to vendor asking how to download and whether it
will work well with Vista.

Once again. Thanks for your attention.

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