Problm with D2K reports in different Win OS


Suresh Kumar

When a D2K report is run in a Windows 98 system called
from a Form, it generates the report properly, but when
the same report is run in a Windows 2000 server system, it
opens the Report Background engine, but without showing
the report the backgound engine gets closed. The same
report with the correct path are called from the form
opens in Windows 98 system but not in the Windows 2000

Architecture : The application runs on a Win 2000 server
with Orcale 8.1.6. The nodes are on Win 98. The .rep and
the .fmx files are located on all the nodes and also on
the server. The .fmx and .rep are called from the
corresponding machine itself in the same path.

We do have several reports which run on the 2 OS platforms
effectively except for this report. The report (giving
this problem) has been recompile again but it doesn't
solve the problem.

What are the parmeters to be checked for ? Anybody facing
a similar problem???


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