problems with VPN and DNS and machine with 2 NICS




we have a windows 2000 server with 2 network cards
one serves the internal network( and one
serves the external network( internal adddress -
gateway address

We recently had our DSL line go down and we had to switch
to modem, then we reconnected ADSL when it came back up.

Since we brought the ADSL line back up, we have had
problems in that in DNS :

* in the root server(.) of dns both IP's ( & appear under server.local

* in the server1.local FWZ. just the ip of
appears. (before both and
appeared with a host name of server1)

* when I go in via our VPN link and do ping server1. I get come back

* when I go in via our internal network and do ping
server1. I get back.

It should be the other way around.

I have tried going to the interfaces tab and choose listen
only on Then delete the host
from both the root (.) and the FLZ server1.local and add
just the ip address of, then restart net
logon. However when I do this I cannot then ping server1
when I go via a VPN link. It will not resolve the name to
an ip address. if I ping it's ok. if i ping I don't get anything back.

I have since restored back from this, so I am at the point
where when I ping server1 on our internal network I get coming back.

I have checked the bindings in netw. and dial up conns.
and then bindings are correct (internal at top, then

Any help would be much appreciated.





Michael Johnston [MSFT]

What IP address does the VPN client get? Typically this would be something on the 192.168.x.x network. It sounds like you are getting someting that is off
subnet. The prefered configuration would be to have DNS only listen on the internal interface. Remove the external entries from DNS. When the clients VPN
into the network, they should be getting a DNS entry of Is that the case?

Thank you,
Mike Johnston
Microsoft Network Support


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