Problems with query relationships in linked foxpro database tables



I've linked a large number of tables (which are from a program named
"FabTrol" and are made with FoxPro). It seems that there are a number of
different relationships between these tables that only exist when queried.
These relationships seem to make sense.
Problem: When I add more than one table in a query and specify the fields
I'm interested in, no information, other than the field headings, is
displayed. The query does work when I only have one table in it.
Does access automatically make relationships between tables in queries if
relationships haven't been setup already?

Danny J. Lesandrini

try deleting the relationships that Access creates automatically, and link on
the fields you thing are matched.


wow.. or upsize from FoxPro to SQL Server and then just move to ADP.

Linked Tables just plain suck.. they're not reliable or efficient


Ok I tried and that didn't work. These also don't give me the option of
enforcing referential integrity either

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